World Senior Citizens’ Day celebrated on 1st Oct’15.

The World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated all over the world on 1st October every year. Traditionally, this day is held to honor the elders, give gifts, talk and spend quality time with them. In a nutshell, do everything to make them feel happy!

At BMMSH, Ranchi, we believe that senior citizens are the most treasured group of our society and keeping in mind what role they have played in making us what we are today, a special scheme called as “BMMSH Senior Citizens’ Club Membership Program” has been launched to honor their contributions to the society. This scheme offers discounts to senior citizens on both OPD & IPD basis.

In OPD the discounts are as follows:

  • 20% Discount on OPD Consultation,
  • 15% Discount on OPD in house Investigations,
  • 10% Discount each on Physiotherapy and ambulance services.

In case of IPD:

5% discount on consultation, bed charges and in house investigations.

The program started at 11AM in the Conference Room, with one of the most eminent doctors of Ranchi, Dr. Prof. Shobha Chakraborty and Dr. Ghanshaym Das as the honorable guests. 15 Senior Citizen Club members were present during the event and were handed over membership cards by our honorable guests, Medical Director Dr. Sanjay Kumar and Director, Cardiac Sciences, Dr. Deepak Gupta. Dr. Ghanshaym Das, renowned surgeon and also the member of the managing committee appreciated our effort of introducing such a scheme and said that lot of people will be benefitted by this. Renowned Gynecologist Dr. Prof. Shobha Chakraborty said that people have developed a faith in Medica and in today’s date everyone turns to Medica and nowhere else whenever there is a health concern. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Medical Director, BMMSH added that this imitative was taken to thank the senior members of the society for what they have given to us. This is to convey to them that we are always there beside them whenever they need us. There was a short presentation by the PR Department on the special points of the program followed by an interactive session with doctors from various specialties.

Dr. Deepak Gupta – Director MICS, briefed about general cardiac problems and ways to prevent them.

Dr. Vijay Kumar Mishra – Head Critical Care gave basic information about sepsis & infection control.

Dr. Rishikant – Consultant, Internal Medicine shared tips on general health and how to stay healthy.

Dr. Soumik Chatterjee – Asso. Consultant – Urology gave information on various urological problems such as haematuria, abnormal passage of urine and how to prevent such with timely consultation with Doctor.

Dr. Nilesh Mishra – Consultant, Orthopaedics briefed about joint pain in old age.

Dr. Anindya Anuradha – Consultant, Ophthalmology spoke about the eye related issue specially glaucoma and its treatment.

Ms. Vijayshree Prasad – Head, Dietetics spoke about the dietary issues and healthy diet.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar spoke about neurological problems.

The members participated with great enthusiasm and were satisfied with the answers they got against their queries. The program was followed by a lunch at 1:30 PM.

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