Jharkhand Doctors’ Quiz 2014: Semi Final – Jamshedpur

The Semi-final of the Jharkhand Doctors’ Quiz 2014, held at Jamshedpur on 16th November, saw 13 teams participating – 4 teams from Jamshedpur and 3 each from Dhanbad, Ranchi and Bokaro respectively. Organised in two rounds, 7 teams were pitted against each other in the first round and 6 in the second.

The Quiz itself also saw a change in format, with teams now required to answer questions put to them by the quizmaster upfront – with 28 questions in Round One. If the team the question was directed to was unable to answer, it was passed around to the others, the correct answer winning 10 points. Round Two was the buzzer round, with the correct answer getting 10 points and the wrong answer losing 10! Questions that went unanswered by the teams were thrown open to the audience, with a special gift from Medica to the person getting it right.

The participants showed great enthusiasm in getting the right answer, as did the audience, with quite a few of them grabbing the ‘special prize’. The first Semi-final round had a clear winner, with the young team from Ranchi showing remarkable presence of mind and moving way ahead of others. The second Round was more balanced and competitive, with the teams moving neck-to-neck and the buzzer rounds throwing up the final winners.

The stage is now set for an exciting finish at Ranchi on 23rd November, where two teams each from Ranchi and Bokaro, and one team each from Jamshedpur and Dhanbad will fight it out for the Champion’s Trophy and the grand prizes.

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