BLS & First AID Training for YUWA children

Girls students of YUWA , an NGO, which works to empower girls by combating child marriage, illiteracy and human trafficking in Jharkhand, got a first-hand experience on the basic life support (BLS) training program on 10th June, 2015.

Dr. Vijay Mishra, Head – Critical Care with his team educated the students on how they can help accident and non-trauma medical emergencies victims.

Dr. Noon, explained to the students about the importance of supply of oxygen to the brain and for heartbeat. He taught the students the importance of artificial breathing.

Dr. Nilesh Mishra talked about sports injury and other first aid techniques. The students were also explained on how to feel the pulse in the hand and under the neck and press the chest to supply oxygen and shake the body if immobile and insensitive by Dr. Manjula.

Sister Binu ensured that each student learned the skill and technique of providing artificial breathing to the patient. The training was supported by photos, video and practical sessions by hands on training of resuscitation on adult and infant mannequins.

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