Nerve Pain – Causes And Treatment

Nerve Pain

When some health condition affects or damages the nerves that carry sensation to the brain, we experience a type of pain very different from others, called nerve pain or neuralgia or neuropathic pain. The pain can be felt from any of the multiple levels of the nervous system – peripheral nerves, spinal cord or the […]

Alzheimer’s: Is Age The Only Factor?


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive nerve ailment that shrinks the brain and causes the brain cells to die. It is the leading cause of dementia, a condition in which the patient gradually loses the function to think, suffers memory loss and a severe loss of social and behavioral skills. Eventually, it makes the person totally […]

Is It Possible To Lead A Normal Life With Epilepsy?


What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy, also referred to as a seizure disorder, is a brain condition often precipitated by stroke or brain tumours and characterized by symptoms like seizure, dizziness, twitching and muscular spasms. The main indicator is the episodes of seizures and each such episode can last up to a few nerve-wracking minutes. Living with […]

The uncommon ‘common’ headache

The uncommon ‘common’ headache

When is a headache a cause for concern? Most of us have often experienced extremely painful and even debilitating headaches. Though these could cause great discomfort, we aren’t overly concerned, knowing it’ll pass, and at the most, use over-the-counter pain medication. Though most headaches are benign, triggered by dehydration, tension in the neck muscles, nerve […]

Spotting the Warning Signs of a Stroke


Stroke, also known as a brain attack, occurs when there the blood vessels in your brain rupture, or a blockage in the arteries and veins restricts blood supply to the brain. As a result, the surrounding brain cells start to die within a few minutes. Stroke is the fifth most common cause of death in […]

Epilepsy: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment


Epilepsy refers to the neurological disorder of the central nervous system in which the activities of the brain become abnormal, leading to seizures, unusual behaviour, sensations, and loss of awareness. Anybody can suffer from epilepsy irrespective of age, gender, and ethnicity. Seizure symptoms can vary with people. Some may stare blankly during a seizure, while […]